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Nearly four decades ago, the French philosopher Francois Lyotard, in an essay that would become famous more for its title than for its specific content, asked what the effect of computerization on knowledge would be. He was led to a discussion of what we now call neoliberalism and language games. But he relied heavily on a contrast between two forms of discourse (science and myth), and proposed an mode of resistance at the level of language. But language is no longer relevant -- today, the machine is the horizon of interpretaton.

The condition of knowledge is this -- that the machine is the horizon of interpretation. How do we understand this? Language, of course, is still important, but the condition of

Big Data is not just a marketing term

The condition of knowledge (again)

Thick mediation

The Datasphere

What happens to knowledge? Discourse? Lyotard's agonism

Knowledge as Useful Memory

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